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    Balancing design, marketing and recruitment, to create an outstanding employer brand. Background in psychology, with a focus on cognition and social psychology.

    📸My cameras are always with me, right next to a non-fiction book. Create content and always learn.

    💻Adobe suite is my friend, as I am constantly working on/with (social) media. Marketing needs to attract your senses.

    🙏🏻Grateful for being able to work with awesome people. Trying to always learn from the smartest ones in the room.

    📈Biggest success: Increasing Uberall's number of applications 20x+ by utilising social media and creation of diy/in-house content.


    If you don't make mistakes, you're not working on hard enough problems. And that's a big mistake.



    Frank Wilcek

  • Work


    Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life


    Employer Branding | Recruitment Marketing at Uberall GmbH

    August 2019 - to date

    Employer Branding:

    Shortly after having been onboarded, one of the first important tasks was to define our culture and align the company culturally. After researching and defining our mission, vision and values, it was time to communicate that to the outside world.

    • Set up candidate facing social media presence ("𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦 𝘢𝘵 𝘜𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘭𝘭") from scratch --> Generating Brand Awareness (20x number of applications after three months)
    • DIY In-House zero budget content planning (according to campaign strategy), content creation (Video & audio production, processing, copywriting etc.)
    • Brand Communication & Community Management

    Recruitment Marketing:

    When I joined, Uberall received about 40 to 60 applications per month. After diy creating social media presences ("life at uberall"), publishing self made content and managing platforms, we consistently receive 600 to 900 applications per month (after three months).

    • Branding & Talent Acquisition: Set up Social Media from scratch ("life at Uberall") | Generated 1000% increase in # of qualified applications through brand exposure
    • Content Creation (Photography, Video & Copy): Persona research & creation | empathy-, journey- & experience mapping | Generated InHouse stock portfolio | Short to long copy
    • Analytics: (Google Analytics, LinkedIn analytics, Social media metrics, Campaign KPIs)
    • Automation & Process integration: IFTTT, Zapier, Phantombuster, Python + Selenium, Buffer, Hootsuite, Crawlers etc.
    • Organising smaller marketing events (student visits, collaboration with academic institutions)

    Freelance Photographer

    2014 - to date

    • Brand and employer branding photography (corporate headshots, in-house stock portfolio, social media photography)
    • Strategic set up of visual storytelling for personal and commercial brands and branding
    • Content planning and creation for social media business growth and market positioning
      dustinjaros.photography | IG: @dustinjaros

    Lead Consultant | Recruitment Manager at CareerTeam

    March 2019 - August 2019

    • Team lead agile recruitment project management | HR Transformation, Recruiting Innovation & Business Requirements |Interdisciplinary project coordination | KPI & OKR monitoring 
    • Team development | Quarterly Feedback | Career path development | Workshops & Trainings 
    • Market trend analysis & Consulting | Contract conditions, Employer Branding (5 digit budget responsibility), requirements of roles
    • Stakeholder Management | Client Reporting | JF 
    • Talent Acquisition Management | Executive Search | Active Sourcing | Recruiting

    HR Consultant | Innovation & Transformation | Employer Branding at CareerTeam

    May 2018 - March 2019

    Responsibilities include:

    • Talent Acquisition Management | Executive Search | Headhunting | Active Sourcing | Recruiting
    • Candidate and Company Market Analysis & Consulting | Researching and defining market trends, as well as responsibilities and requirements of roles
    • Agile Recruitment Project Management (KANBAN & SCRUM) of multiple sourcing and organisational projects simultaneously | Improving KPIs & OKRs | Managing stakeholders involved
    • Innovation & Transformation Management of sourcing strategies & processes | Automation | Process Optimisation
    • Candidate Communication | Pitching | Interviewing | Debriefing

    Psychologist | Career Consulting | Coaching at KOPFVOLL

    March 2015 - to date

    • Career coaching | Personality Diagnostics
    • Interpersonal Communication | Team Development | Social Dynamics at the workplace | Leadership Development & Training
    • Scrum framework | Agile methodologies | Professional Scrum Product Owner | Transformation Projects | Process Innovation
    • Marketing & Branding Consulting | Developing psychologically meaningful websites/copy | Social Media representation & engagement | Google Analytics | Google AdSense | Marketing Automation
    • Pro bono systemic psychological counseling for (chronically) mentally affected clients | Trauma Work | Client Centered Therapy (Rogers) | Provocative Therapy (Farrelly)

    March 2017 - December 2017

    • Psychological Counseling | Organised and managed multiple psychological consultation groups of not less than 10 clients each | Specialised in Substance Abuse Disorders & Personality Disorders | Individual Counseling | Career Coaching | Administration Management
    • Client Rehabilitation Process Management | Coordinating treatment and rehabilitation plans in accordance to financial- and health guidelines & Stakeholder expectations | Reporting to stakeholders
    • Process Innovation | Re-Designed meeting structures and designs according to agile frameworks | Implemented Rehabilitation Innovations (weekly guided fitness, open communication centered group-meetings, "Making Music Together" group sessions)

    Consulting Psychologist at Rehabilitationszentrum Berlin-Ost gGmbH

    April 2016 - March 2017

    • Psychological Consulting & Coaching | Counseling and Coaching Clients with chronic mental disorders | Organising and Managing multiple therapeutic groups | Specialised in Personality Disorders
    • Rehabilitation Process Management | Stakeholder Management (Budgeting & Law)
    • In-House Consulting | Team-Communication Training | Multiplication of psychological knowledge in working with mentally ill (Topic centered meetings, Psychological consultation for personnel) | Project Management in Business Transformation to prepare for Bundesteilhabegesetz (BTHG)

    Psychologist | Career Consulting | Diagnostics at Fortbildungsakademie der Wirtschaft gGmbH


    • Personality Diagnostics | Individual Rehabilitation Planning | Career Coaching & Training to meet each client's needs and suppositions
    • Management and Leading of multiple Pedagogical rehabilitation groups (20 clients each) | Developing group work structures and content
    • Job Market Analysis | Detecting and Strengthening key Core Competencies | Personality Training
    • Reporting to Stakeholders (Health and Law) | Process Innovation Management in cooperation with internal Management & Stakeholders

    "When an inner situation is not made conscious,

    it appears outside as fate."


    Carl Jung

  • Education

    Because knowledge is key

    Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

    2013 - 2015

    Master of Science in Psychology

    • Personal, social and cultural change
    • Capita Selecta - Evolutionary psychology
    • Designing Research in social and organizational psychology
    • Test and questionnaire construction
    • Power and leadership
    • Boundaries of psychology


    • Why analytic thinkers blame the brand: Effects of negative brand publicity on consumers

    Maastricht University

    2008 - 2012

    Bachelor of Science in Psychology


    • Social behavior
    • Body and behavior
    • Development and learning
    • Perception
    • Research methods
    • Statistics (I, II & III)
    • History and foundation of psychology
    • Complex cognition
    • Memory
    • Personality and differences between people
    • Psychopathology
    • Consciousness
    • Computing
    • Psychodiagnostics
    • Decision making
    • Learning
    • Paradigms in the lab


    • How philosophical zombies can refute materialism
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